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Wow...Couldn't get on this forum for many weeks

Started by meirish, July 29, 2022, 09:36:51 PM

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Hope this works. I haven't been able to get on here for so many weeks. So glad to see it again and hope that it works. I don't even know if I was on here around June 14 when I got covid. The dr. gave me the Pazlovid and I would guess that kept me from not being so terrible sick.

It does know the socks off a person and I am still sleeping so much....most I have slept in much of my life I believe. I will have to read and catch up. Thanks. meirish


I just looked at posts as I went out of this one and see that I was able to post mid June. I know that I was on and off of here for some time. Thanks all. meirish


I had the same problem and just now was able to reset my password and get on.  Crazy!