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Possible plaquinal toxicity--

Started by quilt4fun, July 28, 2022, 05:29:59 PM

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I have been on plaquinal for about 12 years, latest field vision tests showed possible damage to retina.  Has anyone else dealt with this?  Now have appointment with retina specialist.
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Although I do not have Plaquenil's so etching my eye Dr checks twice a year. I too have been on Plaquenil 12 years and u understand that the longer your on it...the chances of toxicity increase. Even so, my eye Dr said in his 30 years as an opthalmalogist he has only seen 2 cases of it, with one of the cases being the patients fault for not getting her eyes examined for many years.
Let us know what your retina specialist til is.
Take care.
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I was on the Plaquinal for about 13 years. Actually, I had more problems with irritation and reflux. My DIL is a optometrist and she is very proactive with Sjogrens due to having a MIL with the problem.

She checks me every year since 2005 and does a lot of testing besides the retina tests. So far I am doing ok. She also pointed out that there is another eye issue that will cause docs to take people off their plaquenil when it is not needed.However, she says that this issue is not associated with plaquenil and has been discussed at the annual optometrists state convention. It is interesting to hear her tell of all the discussions that take place at the state optometrists convention. At least they are keeping up on things. Take care. let us know what the specialist says. meirish 

Joe S.

Tried it once. I was blind for a few hours. I quit it.
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