Author Topic: glaucoma drops so painful - any advice?  (Read 1787 times)


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glaucoma drops so painful - any advice?
« on: July 23, 2009, 08:26:06 AM »
Hi, Yesterday I saw my opthamologist who noticed that my pressure was up again in one eye and he has prescribed Timolol drops for me. I have been on them once before after prednisone drops brought my pressure up and I found the stinging intensely painful and long-lasting. The opthamologist even mentioned to his intern (while in the room with me) "these drops are going to be counterproductive to the Restasis she's taking!". Thanks!
Have any of you found any drops for glaucoma that are less painful for dry eyes? I find I have to discover these types of things myself and then tell the opthamologist about them rather than the other way around.
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