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Hi Bucky,
Yes, Navyday is right.  That blue tank of yours is probably the expansion tank.  With our well system, we have a "holding tank"  that holds the water when it is pumped into the house (it holds about 50 gallons).  It increases our water pressure when the tap is turned on. 

We also had a GeoThermal heating/ac system installed about 15 yrs. ago that heats our water by an exchange system.  We always have really hot water, but not only by our water heater.  Our heating/ac system will do it also. 

We use to have radiant heat in the ceiling.  No dust, but unless you were moving around you always felt like you had a fever.  Also extremely expensive.  Our GeoThermal dropped out energy cost by more than half.  Where we use to pay about $400 a month, without A/C, our monthly bill with the a/c has never gone over $200.  Most of the time it's below $150 and I have a total electric home, as I'm sure you do.  Country living is great but sometimes you have think like a pioneer. ;D

Good luck with your renovation.  We finished ours about 4 yrs. ago for the 3rd time. :D  Our home is 37 yrs. old.

We are now in the process of having a handicap shower stall put in.  I'm really excited with this because "Fred" and I have had several ungraceful exits from the tub. ::)