Author Topic: Punctual Cautery caused cyst in my eye.  (Read 1817 times)


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Punctual Cautery caused cyst in my eye.
« on: May 25, 2009, 04:57:32 PM »
Punctual Cautery caused cyst in my eye. ???

My 1st OPTH recommended Punctual Cautery surgery to burn out the tear drain
for dry eye treatment.  I had a cyst in the bottom position after Punctual Cautery.
My 1st OPTH tried to remove my cyst twice.

1.   Removed my cyst and have Prednisolone shut in my eyelid. He told me this
is very common but cyst was back in one week.
2.   Had 2nd Punctual Cautery again but cyst was back in 2 weeks.

I told the nurse I wanted to discuss the next treatment before doing anything and
my 1st OPTH told me if you want a 2nd opinion, here is your next appointment.
My 2nd OPTH in same medical center checked and told me he had never seen such a  bad patient as me but it is manageable and handed me a paper on Blepharitis (Eyelid inflammation) and prescription:1.Vigamox  2. Prednison Acctate for 10 days. There was some improvement for one week but the same medication could not be used for more than 2 weeks.

I asked 2nd OPTH is the 1st OPTH a new doctor? He said no we just have a different approach, I will do the plug but never do the Punctual Cautery. My 2nd OPTH prescribed Lotmax for one week, but my cyst came back and my eyes are more dry.

I am trying make a sooner appointment with the 2nd OPTH and I do not know when my treatment will be end.

If you had a Punctual Cautery experience good or bad, please share with me. I am helpless, please give me your advice