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SKIN - Morphea, another gift
« on: May 21, 2009, 01:14:54 PM »
I had a dermy appointment today and he said that my facial rashes are looking better, not to use the steroid cream for a while and keep up with the 85 spf sunscreen.  Wonderful!  He also gave me some rx acne stuff for my MTX breakouts.  This stuff looks expensive but I think it looks promising.

I almost forgot again to mention a weird thing going on with a rash type thing on my back and I remembered just as I was about to leave.  He's walking out the door as I'm pulling up my shirt saying "Wait Dr!!"  LOL.  I'm pretty sure no one got a free show but you never know.  I've had this thing for a few years now but it's always that thing that is an afterthought when you are at the doctor's.  It's on my back so I hardly ever see it.  Well he looks at it with his magnify lens thingy and his calibers for measuring and says "ooh looks like you got some morphea there".  I then mentioned that I had a similar spot on my belly that just showed up a few months ago and he said that was morphea too.

I have read just a little but am very confused.  It looks like its autoimmune in nature, more common as its more recognized as a sclerederma thing per my doctor but can be seen in other autoimmune diseases.  Anyone else have this?  He really didn't get into it much, I guess because we were done???