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Menopausal spotting
« on: April 25, 2009, 01:35:55 PM »
To those who responded to my previous post, thank you.

I decided it would be more accurate say menopausal rather than post-menopuasal because I think my body is still trying to cycle though less and less often and this happens like a period.

I want to reassure you that this has been checked out by a doctor- more than once. Because of atrophy, the doctor was unable to get in and do a biopsy four years ago, so he did an ultrasound and said it was not possible that it was cancer. Before trying to do the biopsy, he said cancer was #10 on his list of possibilities. (I had Sjogren's but it wasnt diagnosed until the next year.) Before going to OBGYN , my family doctor had me do estrogin inserted into the vagina. The first thing the OBGYN doc said was stop doing the estrogin because it increases bleeding and causes cramping, and that was certainly my experience. And estrogin is associated with causing cancer.   

Fast forward four years from the first check. I had a ultrasound in the radiology dept. Indicated things were normal. I went to OBGYN because of itching. And of course, now I had Sjogren's diagnosis. Things are very dry. He said it very possible that what's happening is dry pieces breaking off. That fits the symtoms. Possibility of that being the answer, over 99%. However, he still wants to do a biopsy, which will have to be with general anathesia and will cost a whole lot. I'm resisting because this has been going on for 8-9 years. Any changes, over 8-9 years? Yes it happens less often and there is less discharge. I think this is just my body being my body. There is no pain; I'd say this is not bleeding- a little dark line which looks like it could be from bowel except from where it is my underwear.  If I've had cancer for years, wouldn't things be getting worse rather than less? Why go against the 99.999% explanation for the .001 explanation? 

A couple of friends talking about their own experiences with health problems in their families have complained the number and cost (usually covered by insurance) of tests for very unlikely explanations. They think it's the reason for the high cost of medical care/insurance in the US. The US does have the highest cost medical system in the world with outcomes rated about # 19 in the world.

Since I think this more related to dryness than cancer, that's why I asked if others with Sjogren's and dryness if have had the same experience.


PS Family members-- all but one with autoimmune diseases/disorders. Cancer- no one.