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Re: Is this typical?
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Hi Christi and Lamm-

Welcome to our wild roller coaster ride called life with Sjogren's!

I never know which joint is going to hurt on a given day (or week or year) so I've taken to referring to them as my "joint du jor" (I can't spell in French any better than I can in English, but you catch my drift)

I was once actually declared in remission by my rheumatologist.  I think it lasted about a month.

But don't let all this get you down.  Many of us who've been dealing with our "gift", as Pooh calls it, for some time, have found ways t pace ourselves so that we can enjoy things that are really important for us. 

For example, we planned for several months to go away to a dinner concert with friends of our Valentine's weekend.  Rather than running around nuts trying to get everything ready, I made myself a list of things to do about 2 weeks in advance, so that I wasn't overtired by the time the concert came.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I also got to see a friend from college on the trip. I was exhausted by the time we came home, but I made sure I had no plans between the trip and knee surgery on Wednesday the following week.  I've actually come through it not feeling too very much worse for wear.

Good luck to both of you, and we'll all be here to help when the ride gets a bit rough,
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