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reiki( ray key) is the japanese word for universal life energy, the life that flows in us and in the trees and plants, all living things, its not attached to angels and charkras that was western add ons, mikao usui who was a christian working for a university studying other religions and facts, went to stay with a buddhist monk group a healing order, they has symbols they stated that they were for healing but they had lost their meaning, he meditated with them and the answer came to him and reiki we reborn .
Reiki is attunment with this energy , through being attuned through a reiki master your ability to connect is unkinked if you like and you can connect whenever you want, you can use it to give others reiki or self heal.Now there have been reported miracles, but all reiki claims is to help stress , anxiety, depression, make you more able to cope ,you feel the energy fill you and destress you very similar to a relaxation tape but 10 fold more effective.
there are rules to live buy , they are not of any religious affilation

just for today no not anger
just for today do not worry
be humble
be honest in your dealing with ppl
be compassionate you yourself and others

now i use it to destress my teenage son with exams next year, my partner who all this cant be easy on, its a very calm , peaceful loving  home and i can safely say reki has alot to do with that.

I did a study pack at home about 8 hours study , at my own leisure, and a day attending a course at my reiki masters home for attunment , and  iv emade great friends, ahve enver met anyone involved in reiki who wasnt so lovely and caring, and non judmental.
my next attunment reiki 2 , i can do in another 2 months time, and i will be able to send distanc ehealing to anyone who needs it , i shall let you know when thats came up , and i would happily send reiki healing to those who wished me to, id get  you to PM me even if you did not wish to openly ask in the forum , i am not looking for the ego boost in helping so if it was completely between us , then im happy to do itt hat way, when i do my reiki 2 i shall then put up a thread and will add ppl to my DH list

I cannot stress enough what its done for me, and now i never feel useless, i give too many sessions to friends who have  benefitted , now if someone comes to me upset or stressed i have more to offer than just a cup of tea.

reiki just is, as my master said, you can search for what ,who and why, but keeping it simple and just accepting it works is best . they use and teahc it here in hospices due to the calming effect it has on patients , its the most wionderful energy , it can help the whole family .

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