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What I discovered during the holidays!
« on: December 28, 2008, 03:35:17 PM »
I was sitting at my cousins house  on Christmas Eve and we were just chit chatting. I don't even know how it came up but we were talking about medical issues in the family. I said I wish I had more information on grandparents, great parents etc because I don't know how I got all of the autoimmune things that I have going on in my body....I couldn't really track down others who may have had similar issues in the family.

I then found out that my one cousin has rosacea (like me) and also has been dealing with psoriasis which is definitely related to the immune system/arthritis issues. Her brother, my other cousin, has been diagnosed with reactive arthritis. His hands are very obviously affected even though he is currently on prednisone and methotrexate. I was amazed that we all had such similar issues because we don't see each other often and don't usually talk about our medical conditions.

It did shed some light on things  for me knowing that it does run in our family...probably others in the family didn't know what they had  because they didn't do testing for things like that back in the "old days"....they just lived with it and thought it was part of the aging process. Very interesting!


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Re: What I discovered during the holidays!
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2008, 07:56:16 PM »
Lynnmarie . . the things you find out when you're with relatives!   ;)  I'm glad it answered some questions for you.  Have you checked with any of your Aunts to see if they have any medical issues that you have too?  Maybe now that you and your cousins are discovering similarities that you all can do some further investigating with family members to see how far back you can trace it.

If I could turn back the clock . . my mother had issues with her eyes and mouth.  Mom passed away in June 2005.  I now wonder if maybe she didn't have Sjogren's Syndrome too, but never knew it??!!  I'll never know.  :(  None of my symptoms showed up until Nov. '07 so I wouldn't have been able to compare notes with her.

Good luck in your research with family.


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Re: What I discovered during the holidays!
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2008, 01:48:47 PM »

I've had health issues since my early 20's.  My mom (an alcoholic of many years by then) always denied that there was any family history of anything health related - said it was all in my mind.

I met my aunt, her sister, a few years later and discovered that thyroid problems ran through the family - including my mom - that her daughter had thyroid problems.  Now, having Sjs, it connects with my sister having psoriasis and I've heard of other connections on mom's side, too.

I've tried to keep track of things so that my kids have a better health background as they grow older and start families of my own.  I've also tried to tell my other sister who has children about the family background, but she doesn't seem interested.  I hope for her kid's sake that she can stay uninterested!

It is funny, but helpful, what you can learn from family!
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