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Faustman Video Interview - Of Interest
« on: December 26, 2008, 01:10:12 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Denise Faustman gives a very in depth laymans terms interview...not just about diabetes or her hopeful treatment but also about Autoimmunity Funding from Pharma's...she mentions Sjogrens.

I Cant help admire the spirit of this Lady
Remember she first tried this treatment for if it works ..

Read the interview...


Watch the Interview !...

double click makes the video play in full screen

My Understanding in regards to this "BCG" Treatment has improved from this interview...I think I get it now.

Simply put "BCG" (a TNFR2 agonist) stimulates TNF (Tumour Necrosis Factor) in the immune system for a short while in such a way as to signal death to CD8 autoreactive T cells (the immune systems Killer Cells)

The CD8 Cells are the "Bad T Cells" that Denise is talking about...they are the cells destroying our organs.
The difference with us Autoimmune sufferers and healthy people is that we have to many self destroying CD8 Cells.
CD8 cells are needed to fight Viruses/Infections/Cancers so we still need them..we just dont need the bad ones.

It appears this BCG treatment will be selective in that it will only make the TNF (Tumour Necrosis Factor) to kill autoimmune causing CD8 if you were to have  a virus and the CD8's were needed for them ..then the BCG Stimulated TNF would not affect your ability to fight off leaves the good CD8 cells alone..(the ones that are not attacking us)

All sounds so good..could it be true...well the mice like it  ;)  :)

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Re: Faustman Video Interview - Of Interest
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Thanks for the link, I've been trying to follow the developments as the unfold ever since I heard about Faustman Labs. The video was informative and entertaining.


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Re: Faustman Video Interview - Of Interest
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Hi Nathan

No problem.

I must add today that ive found while researching BCG, that some people (albeit small number) have evolved an Autoimmune disease after being administered with BCG..namely Reiters and Lupus Vulgaris.  Although not many cases have been reported it is significant I feel to put it on the table.

BCG Induced Reiters

BCG Induced Lupus Vulgaris

Ive also found that SLE-Lupus has been known to come about after BCG was administered to NOD mice ....the mice the Faustman Lab used to succesfully rid them of Type 1 Diabetes. Scroll down the page to find the paragraph on Lupus and BCG at this link.

My take on this is of course....caution.  It could be a simple case of 'titres' to induce this cause and effect...or it could be simply everyone is gentically unique so some are more susceptible than others.

Id rather not have found this info though ...lets hope for the best...the phase 1 is all about safety and we should know from the results of phase 1.

Also I found this on the page about SLE NOD Mice

"One fraction has been identified which prevents diabetes without inducing lupus and the activity of this fraction has been titrated."

This I take to mean they have isolated a portion of BCG that gets rid of Diabetes and does not cause SLE in NOD mice.
So perhaps Faustman is using a similar idea with us humans.

All my Best