Author Topic: Miracle on the Hudson River (O.T)  (Read 4205 times)


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Re: Miracle on the Hudson River (O.T)
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That pilot is a real hero. On TV tonight they gave some bio on him. He is Air Force academy graduate with 2 Masters degrees. He flew a F4 fighter plane in Viet Nam War. He has 19,000 miles air time under his belt. A huge amount of experience in 40 years of flying.

When I first heard about this I wondered right away if he flew gliders and it turns out he did. The guys that fly gliders really seem to understand a lot about air currents and what a plane is capable of without power. It was one big miracle with many other miracles that fell into place. Such a great thing for our nation at this time of uncertainty.

They also told on the radio today that he walked the inside of the plane 2 times to make sure everyone was off and then proceeded to disembark and up the plank carrying his clip board. He was seen later sitting in a little shop quietly having a cup of coffee. A few of the passengers said that he had the regal bearing of David Niven. Several passengers were able to thank him and were emotional about it. The pilot just gave them a quiet "thank you". The pilot had been preparing for this day all his life. Who says the over 40 crowd is over the hill. Irish ;D