Author Topic: Does any one react badly to the fats in nuts and meats ( and/or tryptophan)  (Read 2244 times)


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I can't eat meat.....I get so hungry for it. I've tried organic but I still react tho not as badly. What it does is cause insomnia and put my emotions right at the surface which is not good obviously. I also experience nerve pain in places that are sensitive if I eat alot. It makes me hyper. It is similar to the syptoms I had some years ago on paxil. I had no idea it was 'making' me crazy.
The frustrating thing is that I DO get stronger when I'm on it significantly. But not sleeping and flying off the handle or crying is not worth it.
I just read an area about diet helping and I related since I DO do better on an organic diet. Nonorganic foods so frequently cause hyper and or insomnia.
I sure hope some one else is familiar with what this is.