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Re: About prayers, good wishes and so on.
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Thank you all for your responses. I'm overwhelmed about your positive responses! I thought this thread would be left empty or....well...I don't know.

Yes, you are more than welcome to copy the idea about the box for those of you who want to do so!  :)
It is just a way for me to remember all. I have to empty the box every evening, take a look at every name and put it in the box again. I'm supposed to be aware of the names in the box, that is kind of the point of it! I cannot remember them all. Sometimes I add new names. A relative of me have a similar box, but she has a picture of the earth in the box, and send prayers to the whole earth. I want to make that process more personal, and I'm adding names in the box. It is not that I don't pray for the world, I actually do. But I find very much comfort and healing in knowing that ok, I'm too sick to work. But then I can use some of my time to pray, because those who work have less time to do so usually then me. I am actually able to do some "work" after all.

Scottie, I promise to send you well wishes and good thoughts from now on, and not pray for you. I want to respect that you don't believe. But you're still very much in my thoughts, and I won't forget about you at all! I just do it a little different when it comes to people who do not believe, or believe in other than God. Or doesn't pray or something. All is fine with me, I want to respect everyones point of view. I have several others I know private in my little village who doesn't pray and they don't believe in God but maybe in other things, and I keep sending them good thoughts too, but I don't pray. It would be to step on their toes if I prayed for them since I know they don't believe. They rather want well wishes and good thoughts, and then I give them that. For the record, I'm not that religious myself, but I do believe in God. I'm usually too sick to go to church, but I listen to the radio on Sundays so I hear "the word of the day" from there, and i appreciate programs on TV that are about believing, faith and so on.

Have a nice weekend all.

Rania  :)