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« on: October 18, 2021, 10:13:35 PM »
For those of you whose taste/smell have been affected by Sjogrens. Was this a gradual progression? How did it started and how long until you lost your taste/smell?

The reason why I’m asking is because for the past 1-2weeks one of the things I like to eat the most all of the sudden smells and tastes awful (cilantro). I can’t describe the smell/taste, it’s just bad. Has this happened to you with one specific thing, other things taste/smell as usual.

This makes me sad because it means Sjogrens is progressing. Besides my awful IC due to pelvic floor dysfunction, everything has been under control with LDN.
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Re: Smell/Taste
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Mine hasn't been a progression, per se.  It tends to come in go.  I will have periods where I have little taste, metallic taste, or just an awful taste.  I think it ebbs and flows.  I think your taste will get better soon. 


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Re: Smell/Taste
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Hi   :)

Have you had a Covid test? I know two people who had no symptoms but lost their senses of taste and smell. One of them got the senses back after about a month. The other has had no taste or smell for a year now.

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Re: Smell/Taste
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That is good advice as it could be covid. People can have so little symptoms at times. One thing they all seem to complain of though is the sense of smell and taste. With my sjogrens the smell and taste change a lot. Can be fine for a long time and kaboom try eating something and it doesn't taste like it should. I think I throw away too much food for this reason. Also, smelling food when I open a can makes life interesting as I know i have thrown away some that were probably allright. meirish