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questions about PT's
« on: September 28, 2021, 09:28:29 PM »
Anyone run into a PT who has raised his rates  (without telling you) and decided that after you reach a certain dollar amount, even though your insurance would pay for it, he suddenly says you have to pay cash for the rest of any sessions you want.  He claims there is not medical necessity for continued physical therapy and therefore won't file a claim with Medicare because he doesn't want to be audited by medicare.

Yet he is perfectly happy to continue therapy for $70 bucks a shot and will restart therapy in January for free until I reach whatever cap he decides on.  Now this was whispered to me as my hubby was in the room and he said he wasn't like the other bad therapists I have had.   Uh, yeah.  They didn't blatantly lie.  He was supposed to work on my back.  That never ever took place even though I told him my back was hurting and that was the main reason I started with him.  A one trick pony unless you have a sports injury.  This has been a very bad year for me with horrid sjogren's flares plus other lovely things going on.  That actually has saved me as there will be no more sessions with him.

So I guess each year you darn well better read whatever surprises you are going to run into?

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Re: questions about PT's
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This is interesting. I assume you have a doctors order for this PT. I know that I just had a problem getting Medicare approval for some sterile normal saline that I mix with my albuterol nebulizer..this has been covered for 14 years and now it was a 2 weeks fight with pharmacists who just didn't want to deal with it. My doctor was going to change the coding and write some doctors notes that he was going to send to Medicare. Time will tell. I think this is a government thing that is going to drive us all crazy and change our medical care.

I have had a couple of times over the years that I went to a chiropractor for just the heat and massage with no fancy maneuvers done to joints, etc. Sometimes just a couple of visits sort of helps enough that with my home heat, etc I would improve. I don't like the cracking of joints etc so that is a no-no with me. Good luck with this. meirish