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I finally got moved to another city
« on: August 04, 2021, 08:26:25 PM »
Well, the moving day came and went and I got moved and things went quite well in spite of me having too many things as usual. This is probably my last move as my boys said that my next move will be in a 3 x 6 box. They were laughing but they are sick of moving me. This place is so nice and I have only been here the 3 weeks in May and June and then went home for 6 weeks and packed. The packing (and throwing) was not a happy time. I had just had the GI bleed from probably my stomach after 30 mgm prednisone for a few days and then augmenting a week later for a sinus infection. This was mid June just prior to driving back from my new apartment in the senior independent living.

Well, was to GI when I got back to my current home, then to urgent car 2 weeks later with the need for antibiotics to finish curing the sinus issue that didn't get cured cause I had to quit taking the augmenting. Then I had probably bleeding from my Arterial Venous Malformations on my colon and my hemoglobin went down again and had to have 2 iron infusions. GI wanted to do colonoscopy and gastroscopy to check for bleeding AVMS but I told them I was moving in 2 weeks and would see GI at my new location.

I have to tell you I had to pray a whole lot to keep my stress level down. The uncertainty and weakness made it a huge challenge to pack. My daughter in law was there a lot and she isn't 50 and is strong as a horse and she did so much moving and going to dump, etc. I did the packing but she did the really heavy stuff. Im glad that I am in this new senior living so if I have health issues I can get help and don't have to bother her. She is a nurse and has a new job and is getting calls and texts all the time when she is off plus has to do a lot of computer work with catch up book work....this stuff is usually to keep the government happy and is also time consuming and stressful.

I have 2 storage closets across the hall from me that are over half full and an 8 x 10 storage unit uptown. I have thrown so much and taken so much to Salvation Army plus the food shelf in town. The interesting thing is I had so many boxes of photographs and albums of family and that is so precious. Then I have a lot of books that I just can't part with cause I do read many of them over. And then the kitchen stuff....just can't get rid of a lot of it cause I hope to move into a one bedroom apartment and will need to cook more. Enough of my rambling. I am still u packing and when it cools off I will have to sort through things and throw more. Next time around I will have to live in a tent. meirish ;D


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Re: I finally got moved to another city
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2021, 09:52:14 PM »

So happy you are done with the worst parts of moving!  Such a pain!  I hope you are content at your new place, and your DIL sounds like a real gem. 

I need to go through my house and start getting rid of things we no longer need or use, but I keep putting it off.  My husband says we should have a garage sale but I don?t know about that.  I?d just as soon throw some of it away and give anything useful to the Good will.  Sounds like a lot less work than a garage sale.

We just got new windows and siding for our house and I?m glad to have it done.  My husband had a new patio built with new landscaping and patio furniture so we are enjoying our back yard more.  He?s quite proud of it.  I?d like to downsize but it will be awhile now.  Our house is too big until the Holidays and when growing families come home space is tight. 

Let us know how you like your new digs.  I enjoy reading your stories and comments.

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Re: I finally got moved to another city
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2021, 05:52:45 PM »
Kathi, It sounds like you have done some nice things to your house. Makes it hard to sell for you, that is. Get is so nice and then have to leave it. It is so emotional leaving a home no matter how long one has lived in it.

Also, getting ready to sell a house is so darn hard...especially when we are not 30 years old anymore. And, yes, garage sales are enormously hard to get ready for and I don't think the money one gets out of them pays for all the work that is done. Other people may have a different opinion, but when older and in poor health it becomes another thing to consider.

I try not to post so darned much, Kathi, but I am a talker and apparently a inputer also. I really enjoy where I live now but will be happy to get some of these health issues settled down. I have a colonoscopy scheduled fir Oct 4, and that is the soonest I can get in. The covid caused people to put off their scoping and now the docs are really working overtime.

I will have to call my clinic on Tuesday and see what I can do to get this done sooner as I am still having issues I believe. Things never get easier with the medical field and add covid and it becomes a whole different story. Take care and stay as healthy as possible. Enjoy that back yard. meirish