Author Topic: Rectal pain? Should I worry?  (Read 127 times)


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Rectal pain? Should I worry?
« on: July 14, 2021, 10:42:39 PM »
Hello, hope all of u are well..

Im back with another issue..its terrible rectal pain. Ive never had this up until 6 months ago, so its a fairly recent symptom. Its such a bad pain and causes me a lot of discomfort when it attacks. Usually I get them before, during & after bowel movements. But sometimes they're unrelated to having a bowel movement, I just get the attack for no reason. My stools are ok but I'm normally constipated. Also what worries me is I feel this warmth or burning in my rectum during the movements..I'm clueless as to what's causing that feeling but really worried at the same time. I keep putting off calling my GI cuz of the anxiety.....Does this sound familiar to anyone? Should I be worried? Would I need a colonoscopy?

Thanks guys