Author Topic: Vaccine thoughts as I cannot take the normal type drugs given for sjogrens  (Read 707 times)


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So sorry to hear about your COVID symptoms, and Confused, I am sorry you aren?t feeling well.

I took the Johnson and Johnson and really had no issues.  Now they are talking about possibly having to get a booster shot?  I really wanted the Pfizer vaccine but at the time was offered the J and J and I grabbed it!

I just took a Pfizer and I am going to get the second one.  All I had was a very sore arm.  My husband is very vulnerable and I don?t want to get sick.  I suppose this is overkill  but I really wanted the Pfizer to begin with because the stats were better.

I know some people will think I?m crazy but I really believe in science.  Peace and love to everyone.

62 yr old female - Diagnosed Sjogrens Aug. 1st 2014.  Plaqinil, Evoxac, Prevacid, Lexapro, Hypothyroid, Esophagel Reflux, Gastritis, Barretts Esophagus, failed sinus surgery with 3 nasal septal perforations.  (Can't see it from the outside)  Asthma, albuterol, Dulera, Nebulizer, Osteoporosis.


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As far as the variant that is around I think reading all you can on it will help you understand the issues more. I have had the johnson and feel quite safe but at the same time I figure the variant is an unknown so far. It seems to be worse for some areas of the country which I sure don't understand. India was hit so badly with it. There is so much we don't know about it and who knows when we will know the real info. It is just too soon to know the long term effects of any thing about it. One thing I do have an opinion on is that I would not give my kids the vaccine.

The bottom line is back in "the old days" people had to deal with small  pox, and all those other diseases and they just stayed home as much as possible. My mom told me about the flu during the first world war and their quarantine back then was really severe. The grocery stores delivered the groceries to most people and set them on the front step. My mom was 12 years old at the time and lost a lot of relatives. Good luck to all and stay safe and content til so we get thru this. meirish