Author Topic: Need help mouth too dry to swallow food  (Read 1285 times)


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Need help mouth too dry to swallow food
« on: May 12, 2021, 04:31:08 AM »
Hi everyone I?ve had a dry mouth since I was 15 I?m now 33 and it has got worse. I always sipped water with every bite but it doesn?t work anymore my mouth is too dry for the food to go down. My dr has finally referred me to a specialist after being fobbed off with anxiety and anti depressants for years, but it?s months until my appointment. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on what liquid helps with swallowing or is there something I can mix with water that could maybe mimic saliva that I could sip with every bite. Please help I?ve lost so much weight and I?m living off a homemade shake that consists off oats, protein powder and bananas. Thanks so much in advance, Chris.


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Re: Need help mouth too dry to swallow food
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2021, 09:47:09 PM »
I?m sorry you are experiencing this.  Have you been diagnosed with Sjogrens?  What you need is a prescription for Pilocarpine or Evoxac.  Both should substantially increase your saliva production.

In the meantime have you been able to eat creamed soups or malts or shakes?  Before I was diagnosed I lost a lot of weight also.  You can buy high vitamin and protein drinks at the grocery or health food store.  Make yourself drink them.

I remember thinking that if I would ever be able to chew and swallow my food properly again,  that I would let myself get fat!  Well I am not fat but certainly not skinny!😂.  It takes time but it will get better.  Now I enjoy my food way too much!  You need medical expertise.  Try to get in as soon as possible.  Ask if you can be called for a cancellation to get in earlier,  if at all possible.  I?m on several meds that have helped me but it took awhile to get used to taking all of them.

Change doesn?t happen overnight.

Hang in there and let us know how you are doing.

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Re: Need help mouth too dry to swallow food
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2021, 11:59:56 PM »
I am sorry that you have gotten so bad. Just to let you know that you do need to get some protein. I would be nice if you could see a dietician who could help you with finding foods and protein drinks with the right vitamins and minerals to help you maybe gain a little weight but more importantly keep you from losing anymore.

When you don't eat enough of the right combination of protein, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals your body will start to burn your body fat in order to maintain bodily function. It is seldom mentioned in any articles but we must maintain a certain amount of carb intake to help maintain the energy that the brain needs to keep healthy and functioning.

If it isn't possible to see a dietician maybe there is health store close to you that could help you find the right products such as drinks and puddings that would maintain a healthy balance. The health store  people work with those who do a lot of heavy duty sports and exercises plus special diets and must be able to help your find ways to meet  your body's needs. I know these products can be expense but you might be able to find clerks who will work with the budget you have in mind.

Also the drugs mentioned above are excellent for helping increase mucus production in the mouth. It could be very helpful to you. Be aware that these drugs will make you sweat but talk it over with your doctor and make plans for the ability to start at a half dose and work your way up to the full dose. I was never able to use the full dose and got along good on the hang dose. I hope you are able able to get some help.

Try eating mashed potatoes with a gravy, pureed meats through the blender with gravy and blender vegetables. Even putting all these foods in a blender and then adding a milk or broth base with some finely chopped onions and simmering on the stove until you have a soup works great. Some people even use canned squash or pumpkin with the mashed potatoes and blender meats and spices to make soups. When your body is craving these foods you will find that these soups will taste very good to you.Good luck and keep us updated if you would on how you are getting along. There may be other ideas from people also. meirish


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Re: Need help mouth too dry to swallow food
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2021, 06:23:08 AM »
You didn't mention what type of specialist you are being referred to. Most of us with sjorgrens end up seeing a rheumatologist for long term treatment. But before I had even heard of the word sjorgrens my symptoms were much like yours and I went to an ENT (ears, nose and throat doctor) in hopes of relief for the dry mouth. It was actually her, and not my family doctor, who recognised the symptoms and started helping me (while I waited months to see the rheumatologist). Perhaps that might help you too. Good luck and I hope they find answers for you.
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