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Advice re: Neuro Symptoms and Testing
« on: March 29, 2021, 10:52:26 AM »

Hope everyone is doing OK. Wondered if I could pick some brains about my neuro symptoms?

I'm 35 and male. Had sj?gren's symptoms for approaching 7 years diagnosed officially as seronegative sjogrens last year.  I've been on Pilocarpine and betahistine(dizziness) for a number of years now along with my preservative free eye drops etc. Started 400mg of Hydroxychloroquine in September.

In November I developed what I am assuming is neuropathy. Started with issues with the toes on my left foot and progressed to a feeling like my bones are vibrating all the way down my left leg. I get pain in my foot pads and arches as well as a strain like weird feeling in my left shin and lots of muscle twitching. I have also developed a sort of turning-in and slight shrinkage of my big toe on that foot and dryness of the pad of skin underneath the toes on that foot.

I've seen a neuro and my b12 is fine. Had a nerve conduction test today and awaiting the results, although the consultant kindly told me nothing major jumping out at him from the conduction study or EMG.  He still needs to have a closer look and send to my neuro.

Realised this wasn't a quick question in the end sorry!! What I am wondering specifically is:

1. Does what I'm describing sound remotely like neuropathy from sj?gren's? Consultant seemed to think since it's only left sided it was unlikely.

2. I know there is significant crossover between different autoimmune conditions - is their a common link with MS or is it just that sjogrens can mimic MS if the inflammation gets to the right place.

3. If the nerve conduction and emg results come back completely normal - are my symptoms indicative of small fibre neuropathy? This seems to be common enough among fellow sjoggies.

Would love to know what people think - anyone with similar symptoms out there? Specifically one sided issues!

Sending you all positive vibes for a flare free Easter!