Author Topic: two questios I need help with  (Read 365 times)


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two questios I need help with
« on: March 22, 2020, 03:06:57 PM »
Hi to all. As a sjogren's patient I take 360 mycophenolate sodium twice daily. I am wondering how much this might effect my immune capabilities? I am a physical education teacher and I am seldom ill, however covid 19 is a virus my body hasn't dealt with yet. We are out of school, but we are asked to help with food distribution for students a couple of days a week. My rheummy just left town mid February to go to a new position in California, I will see his replacement in May, but need guidance now. Just curious about opinions as to participating in the food distribution. I could decline to help if necessary. I am 57 years old and besides sjogrens fairly healthy.

Secondly, I take Xiidra for my dry eyes and it helps a lot but suddenly my insurance company has decided not to cover it. It is quite expensive by itself. Does anyone have suggestions for a replacement? Thanks you.


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Re: two questios I need help with
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 08:24:25 PM »
Mycophenolate sodium (CellCept) is an immunosuppressive drug and as such can reduce the efficacy of your immune system. Personally, I would be concerned about any part of the food distribution system that would involve being out in the community, or associating directly with people who are.

If there are parts of the system that would allow you to remain separate from others (phone calls from you're own home for arranging pick up or delivery schedules or other coordinating aspects, for example) it is a very needed, worthwhile, and rewarding plan, but putting yourself at risk is of no benefit to anyone. You would automatically be considered "at risk" under the guidelines our local government follows, and we are under a provincial state of emergency, with very strict guidelines. I hope they arrange the delivery as "no contact"  with supplies being left outside doors , then the deliverer stepping away while the recipient comes out to retrieve them.

As to the Xiidra, I think the only drop in a similar (not the same) class, is Restasis. From my research, it seems that the time of onset of effect is much less in Xiidra, which is what makes it more desirable, but there is a possibility that if you have been using it, and have had good effect, the slower onset of effect from Restasis might be something you could live with while a switch to Restasis is made, but that is just my personal interpretation, since I don't take either.

Do you have any recourse with the insurance company such as special pre-authorization with forms from your doctor. I'm sure doctors are as frustrated as patients with the concept of insurance clerks knowing better what's required medically than professional physicians do.
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