Author Topic: GOOD NEWS STORIES from Coronaville  (Read 3870 times)


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GOOD NEWS STORIES from Coronaville
« on: March 29, 2020, 02:47:27 AM »
These are very scary times, especially for people like us, already experiencing health concerns, some of which actually make the world events even more so.

Lets focus, just for a few minutes, on the Silver Lining! there usually is one, even if it's sometimes very hard to find!

There are stories emerging, everywhere from International news stories to quiet neighbourhood stories, of people acting out of concern, kindness and simple companionship, to make this ordeal a wee bit easier.

If you know of any such stories, please share them here. It will give us a bright place to spend a few minutes, smile, and see the good in people and the world.

I'd like to start us off with one of the first gestures I've sen in my own little area.  Almost immediately after the first few cases were diagnosed in this province, food venues were closed with the exception of take out and delivery to prevent gatherings of more than a few people. As you can imagine, this might be a bit inconvenient,but not disastrous, unless you happen to be a long haul  or over the road trucker! These heroes of the highway practically live in their big rigs, so closure of restaurants and truck stops, and the inability to take those rigs through drive throughs resulted in much more than inconvenience! One woman, owner of a roadside diner with a truckers rest lounge, opted to keep her place open to truckers only, for hot sit down meals; and showers and rest facilities at no charge! As a result, she is under strict self isolation other than no-contact interaction with her guests, and she worked this alone 24/7 for 2 1/2 days until some of her family members and staff were able to spell her, but now, they all live in the diner until isolation can be lifted!

Since that time, corporate truck stops and restaurants have made provisions, and many are open to truckers as usual, while drive through regulations have been relaxed to allow walk ups, but she lit the way, and because of her and a bunch of dedicated truckers, provisions continue to be hauled through two provinces that might have been cut off, since she is located in a central supply corridor.

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Re: GOOD NEWS STORIES from Coronaville
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2020, 10:22:46 AM »
Hi  :)

A Community Centre in my area asked for volunteers and got a lot. They run a Facebook Covid-19 Page and if one needs help one can message the page and someone always gets back to you.

I know they've been shopping for people because I've seen groceries being dropped off down the street. They came and collected some masks from us that hubby found in his workshop. Not quite medical grade but just one step down. They will issue them to carers they know.

It's good to know they are there if problems arise.

Hubby and I are not in the very vulnerable group but our GP did phone and tell us to stay in as much as possible.

I don't know my neighbours but it was heartening to see a lot of people on their doorsteps on Thursday night clapping and cheering for NHS workers.

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