Author Topic: Treatment for Sjogren's Dry Mouth & Dry Eye using sodium channel blockers  (Read 517 times)


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My brother was talking to his doctor and mentioned my situation with dry mouth, and the word sodium channel came up.  I just did a google search and came up with this article. Wondering if this is another avenue for those affected to look into.

Epithelial sodium channel blockers, such as P-552-02, are unique therapeutic agents that stimulate and maintain hydration on the body's mucosal surfaces, including those on the lung, mouth, nose, eye and gastrointestinal tract. Restoring the hydration of mucosal surfaces in the mouth addresses the fundamental problem that causes the extreme dryness of Sjogren's syndrome.

Have not read any updates since this article.  Dry eye though seems more advanced.

====Dry Eye====
Also there is research on using Epithelial sodium channel blockers for dry eye....

And here from the research company: