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Hand/Finger Pain... question
« on: December 24, 2019, 07:43:54 AM »
I am noticing that, over the last couple of months I am having a lot of pain on my index fingers. This is accelerating. In fact, if I do any kind of work with my hands, they both ache. The pain was in the right index finger knuckle. It has spread to the entire index finger, the thumb and the middle finger. Now the left is involved though in a lesser extent. It is not RA as it did not present symmetrically and I tested negative for RA (though all of these tests can spin on a dime from one month to the next). There is no deformity beyond some swelling in the right index finger knuckle. I am taking celebrex for my shoulder. I blew it out, yet again, four months ago. Too many years of over-use, too many push-ups, too much heavy garden work. The celebrex stops that pan cold. The pain in my hands breaks right through!!!! I find it shocking.

So, what is your experience with hand pain? How did it start? What is your current outcome? Can you have this and not have RA? I would love to hear anyone's opinions.


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Re: Hand/Finger Pain... question
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2019, 08:06:53 PM »
Sorry to hear of another ailment. I have had pain in my hands and fingers for years and have attributed my finger pain to mostly carpal tunnel as I am truly blessed with this---3 surgeries down and one to go again!!! Anyway I have pain in index finger tips and the first two joints plus the middle finger is the same way on both hands. The 4th finger on  right hand is mostly the middle joint which is very swollen and can't wear rings. Then my two thumbs have very enlarged joints that come and go with lots of pain.

I do not have RA either but do have osteoarthritis and my last neuro appointment told me I was looking at joint replacement in the thumbs. No way will I do that as I am poor candidate for that...circulation, etc. I do have times when fingers have gotten really cold and whitish so wonder about Reynauds also. So.....there is carpal tunnel plus neuropathy from spinal cord injury plus autoimmune neuropathy plus the neuropathy. I must have missed something!!!!

My hands have been bothering a long time. I asked my neuro if there was something I could do. She said gentle exercises to maintain dexterity (which is getting worse). There are so many things that can hit our hands. I also did a ton of gardening and weed pulling, digging up lots of potatoes and handling all this with my hands. Then the crocheting, etc Life of work wears us out and then add the autoimmune.  You will have to talk with your "main man" when you get a chance. Be aware that autoimmune diseases really affect the tendons and it can just sneak up on you. I went to pull a little weed about 6 years ago and ruptured the tendon in my little finger.

Watch yourself with doing activities that demand pressure and stretching in your tendon places. I have to watch my achilles tendons at times. They can be very tight and need to slowly loosen up during the day. My son with autoimmune jumped out of bed when the smoke detector went off at 3AM and ruptured his achilles tendon. He had surgery and missed 6 months of work. Happened when he was about 36 years old. Our tendons lose their lubrication and ability to stretch and can snap with pressure and sudden movement.
Good luck and Merry Christmas Irish


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Re: Hand/Finger Pain... question
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2019, 09:39:36 AM »
A week ago I woke up with a very painful swollen left hand, I had to keep it bandaged up for a couple of days, also I put ice on it to bring the swelling down.   This was a first for me, though my thumb joints have been a bit dodgy for a few years.

I don't know if it was carpal tunnel or maybe OA, but as Irish says our tendons can be affected with Sjogrens.    I thought I might buy a wrist splint support in case it happens again.   I think you do need to wear something like that, or at least bandage it, so that you don't keep stressing it.

Happy Christmas!
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