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As My Father Used to Say...
« on: November 23, 2019, 06:43:52 AM »
... "In the middle of every pile of sh*t there is a pony. You just have to dig deep enough to find it".

I have to laugh at everything that is going on... or I'd cry. So, I'm digging deep for my pony... and there she is!!!

Whichever A/I I have, I have lost about 16lbs... much of it body fat. I am now below 15% body fat. I actually have a six pack again... at almost 58 years old!!!! WHEEE!!!!!!

The funny thing is the Rhuem who was testing my muscle strength. A young man with a slim, slight build. He was pushing down on my arms and telling me to push back. He couldn't budge them! He was pushing down on my legs and letting me to push back, I almost kicked him across the room. I lost a lot of lean mass over the last few months but his observation was that I was still in better shape then men half my age. I had to show him a picture from a few months back. His reaction was, "Oh my... you WERE much bigger". I may have moved from a large to a medium but I am still yoked. He said it was going to be impossible for him to test me for muscle wasting by physical exam alone because I was in the "1-percentile of humanity" just a few months ago. It tickles the ego.

I'm working my lower body and core like crazy (not as crazy as you think... all body weight and bands) just to do something. You can bounce a quarter off my glutes these days. So long as my hips hold out, that's what I'll do till I can work with a P/T on  plan to create a work-out to fit my "new normal".

My Sjogren's Pony... 31" skinny jeans!!!!! Ya gotta take the good with the bad!!!!
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