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Tattoo/Surgery Observation
« on: November 18, 2019, 08:15:43 AM »
I know that others have written in the past about tattoo's and Sjogren's. I thought I would add my own experiences here.

I started getting tattoo'd 30 years ago. I stopped 20 years ago. About 4 years ago I started again. Now, I've always healed fast and I have never had trouble. Well, about 3 years ago, I had surgery on my shoulder. During my recovery period, I had a great deal of heavy tattoo work done. OMG... that was a mistake. In retrospect, I can see the how's and why's of this now but at the time, I was puzzled. You see, my entire body went haywire. Odd aches and pains. Kidney stones. Long healing process. Vertigo, etc... I thought I had simply "insulted" my immune system by giving it too much to handle at one. It looks to me like the Sjogren's played a huge part. I kept getting tattoo'd after and things went OK. about 16-18 months ago, I had surgery on my right ankle to replace a tendon that had simply snapped due to it "being worn and frayed". I couldn't wrap my head around that as I had stopped running years ago. Wisely, I did not get any tattoo work done after the cadaver tendon was put into my ankle...

However, once that cadaver tendon went in, my immune system started acting up. Vertigo, malaise,  etc... Then, once I healed, I started getting my ink worked on again. Well, I certainly noticed a difference. It was taking forever for these tattoo's to heal. It was surprising to me. It never took that long before.

I am certain that the Sjogren's was "smoldering" in my system for years prior to the ankle graft. Once I got that graft though, it all started to go downhill.

I am going to get one more and then I think I am done for life. The last one. It's sad to me to close a door on an activity that I enjoy but I know that this is not good for me. In fact, I probably shouldn't be getting this one at all. I will risk it just to finish this process. However, I am convinced that the ink plus the surgeries kicked all of this into high gear.

Just an observation.


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Re: Tattoo/Surgery Observation
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2019, 11:59:33 AM »
You are are puttiing a foreign substance into your body and it is protesting. Surgery in itself is hard enough to deal with and then to add a tattoo which is another insult to the body probably increases the stress on the body. I don't know if your issues were worse every time you had a tattoo, but I have to admit that that adding a tattoo would be something to think seriously think about before doing it. If you are lucky you will just heal slowly and if you are not lucky you could have more autoimmune issues that could change your health status. Just my opinion. Whatever your decision I which you good luck. Irish
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