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Someone wanted Elise's posts to organize.  I assume this was a PM.  I strong disagree!!!   Only Craig can decide such things after he has written everything and put things together for himself.  Later he can pick what he wants to do and with whom.  Craig do not give away anything yet.  It is too early.  Whoever offered to "help" should know that Craig has some healing time.  He should not give away his rights and he no doubt has more meanings than he remembers.  I lost my brother last year and things are still coming back.

Sorry this sounds like an opportunist.  If not I apologize, but still stand by the fact Craig needs time.  There are things not in those posts.  Help is not taking Elise's posts.

Irish wrote the perfect post today.

Linda, if you disapprove of my writing pull it.  I don't even know who offered and even my husband says it is to early!