Author Topic: The Inflamed Mind: A radical new approach to depression by Edward Bullmore  (Read 1153 times)


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The Inflamed Mind: A radical new approach to depression
by Edward Bullmore

I have MDD and GAD. Have started reading this book, and find it absolutely fascinating.
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Dear lighthouse:

The link between depression and inflammation is crystal clear to me.

Remember the three effects of a flare (which is inflammation) are:


I saw the way inflammation causes depression when I was first having infusion therapy for my Immune Deficiency.

I had an infusion every week.  And like clockwork, 48 hours AFTER the infusion, I had a flare.  And I had pain, fatigue, and depression settle over my mind like a dark cloud.

EVERY WEEK for about 7 weeks, this occurred.

The depression came in like a black cloud, and then went away when the flare ended.  Unfortunately, by week six, the flare lasted until the next infusion, so I had to stop weekly infusions.

The IgG caused my Immune System to go into flare mode. 

Now I have IgG only once a month (in a larger IVIG dosage), AND I take 2 mg Medrol (like prednisone, it is a strong anti-inflammatory) and I don't get the reaction to my IVIG.

However, recently I had a flare (unrelated to an infusion) because we all can have a flare any time.

It took me DAYS to realize that my added pain and fatigue were a flare.  The depression I always think is how I'm actually feeling.  And it is in a way, but it is caused by the inflammation of a flare.

I took 4 mg of Medrol, and the flare stopped. 

I wonder if everyone experiencing depression were at least given a chance to try a Prednisone or Medrol taper, perhaps their depression is caused by inflammation and would improve?

Thanks for the link to this book.

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The role inflammation plays in mental illnesses has become more recognized in recent years
giving rise to the profession of immunopsychiatry.

Elaine- I also wonder about the effect Prednisone may have on various mental illnesses.
Interestingly, I have read it may make people with psychosis even worse!
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Yes. prednisone can really kick up a psychosis even in someone who has never had depression. Years ago I saw a really bad case of psychosis from prednisone and it turns out that I am really sensitive to higher dose prednisone. I advocate for myself and it does upset the doctors.I will do the oral 30 mgm for a couple of days and then taper to the 20 mgm which I can manage for a longer period of time. I tell the docs that I only have one mind and I would like to be able to use in logically for the rest of my life.

The intravenous steroids don't set off these psychoses...maybe after many, many doses. I had Depo medrol 1000 mgm once a month for 5 months and did ok. Irish


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Thanks for posting this. Definitely a book to read. One thing that I'm sure of is that each morning when my joints are swollen and inflamed, my brain also feels the same way and my brain fog and depression are both worse. Any time of day when I have joint inflammation or am flaring, the depression rears its ugly head. Many say that just having an autoimmune disease is a cause of depression, and I agree but I also see a direct correlation between the swelling and depression symptoms.
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