Author Topic: Wize Pharma LO2A Opthalmic Solution  (Read 838 times)


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Wize Pharma LO2A Opthalmic Solution
« on: August 07, 2018, 12:04:08 PM »
"...LO2A resulted in a significant improvement of the subjective and objective symptoms of Sj?gren?s syndrome-related dry eye disease in this study and importantly LO2A did so without the need for anti-inflammatory agents. Based on in vitro experiments, isotonic glycerol-induced decrease of HLA-DR expression may be responsible for this favorable effect."

From what I gather, this drug has been approved in Europe and the Netherlands for DED and Sjogrens respectively.  Thought I'd ask if any of our international followers out there are familiar with it.

Also curious about acquiring medications that are licensed abroad, but not commercially available in the States just yet.  Anyone have experience with that?