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Ah, the holidays . . . a time for lots of food, decorations, music, friends, family and sharing with others less fortunate.

Along with all of the above ^^, there can be lots of stress too.  Stress and Sjogren's do not get along well!

Be sure to pace yourself and allow down time to just relax.  If you can squeeze in a nap at some point, all the better! 

The holidays are suppose to be a time of celebration, but many times we get so caught up in trying to make everything perfect we suck the joy out of the celebration.  Perhaps we need to simplify in many areas to enjoy the celebration.  Downsize the amount of food prepared and consumed, the gifts bought, the invitations we accept, the decorating and all the other things that we feel we need to be doing.  Don't compare ourselves to everyone else by everything we see on social media - take a break from social media if you feel you are stressed out by reading and seeing pictures of what others are doing.

A way to make the holidays a bit easier is to delegate responsibilities with others, let someone else host the celebrations, perhaps instead of a big elaborate meal have a potluck meal with everyone pitching in with dishes (potlucks can be the best food!), use disposable plates versus the best china so clean-up is quick and there is no big pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Create memories instead of creating extra stress.

The holidays can also be a very lonely time for some people - those who live alone, those who have lost a loved one, those whose health is failing, those who don't have jobs, those who are separated from family due to distance, etc.  If you are able to, reach out to those who might need a bit of encouragement and you will be blessed in the process.

Be sure to take care of yourself this holiday season!  Take your medicines, get plenty of rest, remember to breathe!

Wishing you all many blessings this holiday season.

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