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Transcripts of past chats
« on: July 11, 2016, 12:22:44 PM »
Read transcripts of previous chats!

NOTE: These past transcripts are provided to help those with Sjogren's, their family, and friends understand the day-to-day trials and tribulations of living with Sjogren's Syndrome. In order to maintain privacy of our members and allow them to come to chat and speak freely, we will no longer post transcripts on the internet, with the exception of these past ones, which are included to give you a sense of what it is like to live with Sjogren's Syndrome, and/or what it is like to attend live chats.

The transcripts included in this library have been edited of greetings, salutations and conversation that does not pertain to the topic. The dialogue you will be reading is unedited and presented just as it was typed by the individuals present. The transcripts selected are topic oriented and hopefully helpful to those who read them.

Click this link for access to the transcripts:
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