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"Living With Lupus: The Complete Guide, Second Edition"
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"Living With Lupus: The Complete Guide, Second Edition"

Authors: Sheldon Paul Blau, M.D., and Dodi Schultz

Second Edition, Revised and updated.

Living with Lupus: The Complete Guide leads the list of reading materials awarded the Lupus Foundation of America 2005 Seal of Approval

—Lupus Now (LFA magazine), Summer 2005

Review—Jo/Spring, Summer 2007
I have not been diagnosed with Lupus, but there is quite a large amount of information in this book regarding Sjogrens and other diseases as the symptoms so often overlap and some treatments are similar or even identical. Although very technical, there is a lot of information covered in the book, including a history of studying Lupus, detailed drug interactions, crossover diseases, causes and treatments discussed for many of them, Lupus and pregnancy, exercise routines (for minimizing osteoporosis), excellent tips for finding and working with a physician and all along the way it uses quotes from real people that illustrate exactly the points being made in the text. Brand new studies are mentioned and old information is updated. There is a very nice glossary of terms in the back, including tests, and a thorough resource list for web sites and other places to obtain information and help.


Review —Quiger, Summer 2007

This books starts out by describing the difficulty that can occur in trying to get a definite diagnoses and some of the criteria used in diagnosing Lupus. It discusses symptoms and possible causes of the disease including genetics. There are many case examples though-out the book that help show how Lupus symptoms can vary in each person and also how that can affect the difficulty in receiving the proper diagnoses and treatment. It gives an explanation of each of the possible medical treatments, based on symptoms. There is a nice sized section on how to cope with Lupus on a day to day basis and also includes alternative therapies. Sjogren’s and Fibromyalgia have been included in the section about Lupus-connected conditions, and it discusses overlapping symptoms. The index makes looking up specific topics easier and the glossary is a big help in understanding certain terms and abbreviations. I found this book to be very informative.

Quiger, Summer 2007