Author Topic: eye exam numbing drops--adverse reactions?  (Read 788 times)


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eye exam numbing drops--adverse reactions?
« on: January 17, 2016, 07:23:30 AM »
Have any of you had an adverse reaction to eye exam at eye doctor? I haven't gone for over 3 years because I would always have pain flare up after I went in past. Part of it is that it hurts my neck to hold head in right position for them to examine---but now I also had a bad reaction to the numbing drops 3 years ago, they thought it was fluroscein, and this time I had bad reaction to proparacaine that they use to numb eyes for glaucoma test.

I got a bit of a delayed reaction a few hours later felt sickish and headache/body pain and dr's office said it was probably because of my underlying problem of corneal erosion and being sensitive. Unfortunately it hasn't passed yet and its been 4-5 days. I get migraine-like pain in eyes on and off ( I have had that in the past  but its been over  a year, I was just thinking the other day how glad I am I don't get eye pain anymore until this happened) and also have worse light sensitivity since the exam.

I am hoping that it will gradually diminish but it makes me worried that just the one episode did some damage, I know that wouldn't be common at least that is my impression from googling, or else they just don't document and advertise it if people with sensitive eyes are having effects from just one episode of use. I know they are cautious about prescribing use for more than one episode as that is known to be risky for some.

It is unfortunate too because I have chronic pain and if any part of my body gets set off it can raise pain level in other parts.

I have been putting in my drops regularly every day since then like I do to deal with dryness genteal, systane etc) I also rinsed my eyes out with RO water the night of the appt to try to clean them. If anyone has any experience or advice on this on how to mitigate the adverse effect would like to hear.
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sjogrens, cervical stenosis, bulging cervical discs 4 level, DDS, DJD, emerging vertigo, cfs, fms, gerd, plantar fascitis, corneal erosion, some other stuff :)
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