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I don't know a lot about Haematuria in urine but you are not the only person with SS who has this. Of course seeing your GP, urologist and rheum. is very important to properly diagnose the source of the blood. But perhaps we can all put our heads together on this issue and solve it. Since I went through menopause, 2011, I have very low estrogen and I'm very dry in the female area. Sometimes when I urinate I can feel the dryness and sensitivity of the area because the urine can make it burn, so I know the dryness is causing an abrasion. Could a dry abrasion be the source of the blood? Is the bladder opening dry? Let's try to figure this out together. Thank you. All the best to everyone.

Also, here is a very sensitive article about bladder infections in children, but it explains bladder infections very clearly.