Author Topic: Enlarged glands on face  (Read 3315 times)


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Re: Enlarged glands on face
« Reply #15 on: March 08, 2017, 09:04:14 AM »
    This is like having a permanent feature---the way you describe it.  I cannot imagine where/how the swelling occurs. I had sialadenitis chronically for about 5 years before dx.  My parotids would swell...or I would describe it as distention.  the gland would distend from my jaw line...and distend in the shape of a thumb.  It could and did happen within seconds.  What I realized after I learned what it was, is the cheek had to have been swollen before the duct was completely blocked (thus the distention) but I couldn't see it.  In fact, after the condition became chronic, I learned to feel the area to attempt to predict when I was going to have another blockage.  btw: the ENT who treated me for that NEVER suggested SjS. 
    Because you aren't uncomfortable from the swollen cheeks, there must me a simple or logical reason for it.  I am unusual for an adult who remembers what I looked like with mumps.  I had mumps twice: once as a toddler, and again at 24 when pregnant with my second child.  It was a strange sight.  Though my distentions looked strange, they weren't even like the mumps were...or maybe I should say rounded like mumps.
    Whatever it is, it has to be unusual for nothing to be gleaned from a google search.  Oh...I presume you've googled than this.
   Have a great day.
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Re: Enlarged glands on face
« Reply #16 on: March 08, 2017, 04:46:55 PM »
Thank you for your response Irish, yes I usually have a CT scan of the sinuses when I have this (usually one sided) severe nasal congestion.

CT has shown sinus polyps in the past and I have had to undergo endoscopic sinus surgery to have them removed. The surgery provides great relief, but unfortunately polyps more often than not do reoccur, which has been my experience.

At one time, it was thought that I was suffering from Wegeners Granulamatosis or Churgg Strauss Syndrome, but these diseases were ruled out when I was diagnosed with Sjogrens.

I have permanantely lost my sense of smell and have very minimal sense of taste. My primary care doc was able to see a polyp when looking up my nostril with his scope. I am trying to find time to schedule an appt. with an ENT surgeon, but am so busy with work and all that life is throwing at me right now.

Thank you for your well wishes
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