Author Topic: Laser as a therapy for dry mouth symptoms in a patient with Sj?gren's syndrome  (Read 3086 times)


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"This clinical case study reports on dry mouth symptoms in a patient with Sj?gren's syndrome (SS) who was treated with laser phototherapy (LPT). A 60-year-old woman diagnosed with SS was referred to the laboratory for lasers in dentistry to treat her severe xerostomia. A diode laser (780 nm, 3.8 J/cm2, 15 mW) was used to irradiate the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands, three times per week, for a period of 8 months. The salivary flow rate and xerostomia symptoms were measured before, during, and after LPT. Dry mouth symptoms improved during LPT. After LPT, the parotid salivary gland pain and swelling were no longer present. Treatment with LPT was an effective method to improve the quality of life of this patient with SS"
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Male, born in 1977. sicca symptoms started in June 2012 (I was 35). White coated tongue. Macroglossia. Salivary glands disorded confirmed. Lip biopsy results match the Grade 2 of the Chisholm & Mason criteria.
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