Author Topic: BP up,heart racing, skin tingling burning on arms and legs and cheeks, sweat  (Read 1075 times)


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I have SS and recently have had a big problem with all of a sudden my heart racing, BP goes up and burning/tingling on cheeks, arms, legs. I have to lie flat to get everything back to normal sometimes for hours.  Not everyday, but just about.  Stress makes worse and going to the doctor it gets worse. Went to ER and they said couldn't find anything wrong.  Asked Rheumy dr if this is connected with PN and he said not really. Anyone have this problem?  I am on BP meds, prednisone, and Ambien to sleep.  Help.  Drygirl


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Dear Drygirl, perhaps you should discuss this with a neurologist?

Ask for a referral.

Keep us posted, please

Hugs,  Elaine

And welcome again.
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