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Anyone every had Disorder of cornea of eye and Inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye?  I am currently using preservative free drops, Lotemaxx at night, and Prednisolone drops 2X daily, for almost a week and the eyes are no better.  I basically stay indoors all day with the lights dim due to light sensitivity, wear sunglasses any time I step out of house and sometimes in the house. 

is there any other trick or medicine I can ask the eye doctor about?  I am already on Evoac, Plaquenil, and methoxrate.  My Rhuematologist is suppose to work me in his schedule this week as well once he found out what the eye doctor found.
yep I won the lottery......the lottery of getting every screwed up gene in the family tree....apparently Stage IV Breast Cancer wasn't enough a side of Primary Sjogren's just had to come along and wanted to play to.


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I have the same problem.

I was on Lotermax:
3 x day for 20 days then
2 x day for 10 days
1 x day for 10 days

Now I'm on Lotermax 50% diluited with fisiologic water 1 x day for 20 days. Then I'll start Ciclosporine...

Eyes were normal after 2 days (obviously, Lotermax is a cortisone....) but if you don't have positive results yet maybe your inflammation depends not only on the dryness like me but on a bacterial/viral infection for example.
I'm brazilian.
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Interesting thought Emanuela.  Good luck Hyde.
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I am to see a Corneal Specialist.. so do not know yet what the Dr. at the Sjogrens Center saw.

Back when I saw an Opthomologist who Dx'd Ocular Roseaca .. and my eyes were burning, halos at night  so stopped driving at night, eyes so sensitive to light I sometimes needed to wear sunglasses to even use the computer.. I came across some info about taking 81mg (low dose aspirin) for inflammation.
Since taking low dose was recommended for other 'good' things.. why not?

I have found it helps with my eyes. Sometimes, rarely, I do need to take a low dose in the morning.
I can 'feel' the difference if I do not take the aspirin at night. So for me it helps with ocular inflammation and my Drs are aware.

I also follow an anti-inflammation diet and sugar for some reason also affect my eyes. I will awake with swollen, and sometimes oozing eyes.. so I naturally avoid sugary foods, products (especially at night, as with an after dinner dessert).

Sometimes a med is not a good fit?  Not one med fits all.
Lotemax Side Effects
You should check with your doctor immediately if any of these side effects occur when taking loteprednol ophthalmic:

More common
Blurred vision or other change in vision
redness or swelling of the eye
sensitivity of the eyes to light
swelling of the membrane covering the white part of the eye
Less common
Discharge from the eye
eye discomfort, irritation, or pain
redness of the eyelid or inner lining of the eyelid
tiny bumps on the inner lining of the eyelid

Hope you get some insight at your Dr. appt.
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