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article on chronic illness and physician perspective
« on: August 11, 2014, 11:21:53 AM »

This is a nephrologist and epidemiologist who learned that treating acute illness patients and people with chronic illness is different. More on philosophy, but with a cautionary note that overworked physicians often decide by their standards what our quality of life is and whether or not we are worth the resources to keep alive.


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Re: article on chronic illness and physician perspective
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A woman I used to work with has a husband who's a doctor at a large hospital here in Seattle...we were chatting one day about "House" - she said she loved it, but her husband couldn't stand watching it. I asked if it was because the medical stuff was inaccurate, and she said no - it's because NO hospital or insurance company would spend that much money to keep a patient alive.

We've all got a dollar value, make no mistake...

Depressing!!!!  :(
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