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Research Project Help Please
« on: April 28, 2014, 10:01:59 AM »
Hello Everyone,
I received permission from moderators to post about a school project I am involved in that pertains to Sjogrens Syndrome. I posted previously but perhaps was not explaining correctly what my purpose is.

I am a student at University of Buffalo and was hired by the University Research Foundation to help on an assignment. There is a team of people in the dental school using a natural product made of Hyaluronic Acid (natural substance in our body and in many products currently) for treating dry mouth in patients and especially for treating dryness from head and neck cancer. The same research that was used here was originally a National Science Foundation project on creating a hyaluronic acid eye drop that is already on the market. It become apparent that this could possibly be applied to create a dry mouth product for retail sale OTC. One of the areas of interest was patients with Sjogrens Syndrome and some clinical trials were done for this area. A small local company would like to help bring this to market. FDA approval would be the next step to approve commercial packaging. The product could be sold as is but in order to label it for dry mouth relief it needs an FDA approval for that purpose. Here is where I come in...

I have been asked to complete at least 100 interviews on people like yourselves to determine if there is enough interest in a product like this. The plus is longer lasting, swish and swallow, natural product. The negatives are that ingredients would cause it to cost more than what is currently on the market. I had several personal setbacks this semester one of them being my father is in the ICU and has been in and out for over a month making the interviews more difficult to complete by semester end. I was informed that I can reach out to people through internet (email or phone interviews) in order to get the project done by the deadline.

So if anyone is willing to help I can simply email the basic survey with a bit more detail on the project and hopefully relay your opinions to the team. Once my interviews, along with much other data, is reviewed a business mentor will help the process along to a final retail product. The hope is to have sample packaging and anyone interested in keeping in the loop after the interviews we will hopefully be able to provide information and allow people to try it if/when the final product and packaging has been through the whole process and approvals.

I am happy to provide my school e-mail phone etc in private message and some members of this forum already contacted the professor that is in charge of the research to verify our project and my involvement. I am happy to address any questions or concerns . Please private message me if you are willing. I will check back on the post when I am able as well but may not get on the forum throughout the day due to class times.


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Re: Research Project Help Please
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THANK you everyone for allowing me to post and speak to your group. I have learned a lot about Sjogrens from speaking to many people already. I can only relate in that I personally am a Colitis sufferer. I know that Crohns and Colitis are very different symptoms but also a difficult to diagnose illness. I can relate a bit in that I know first hand about an illness that controls everyday life. Oh boy could I tell some stories on some difficult and embarrassing situations.


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Re: Research Project Help Please
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Brenda, I sent you an email of all the answers.not sure if you received it, but if you need anything more feel free to message me here, send an email or Facebook.

Thanks again,
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Re: Research Project Help Please
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Thank you Mary so much for the help!!!