Author Topic: Ladies - any "Silver Foxes" among us?  (Read 11431 times)


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Re: Ladies - any "Silver Foxes" among us?
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So fun reading everyone's post about our hair!
Andrea, thanks for all of the expert information.

You all have me wanting to do it! To just let it go natural. I am so tired of having to schedule the appointments, sit through the process, etc.

Andrea, I saw pics of you from your story being published. I thought, "What a cool lady - I love her short haircut style, and I like that it is natural. She has a lot of style!"

I wear mine pretty short, but not quite as short. Every so often I think I want to grow it out some, but it is poker straight, and after one month, I can't stand dealing with it, so it gets cut short again! :-)

Besides your looks alone, you are a very cool lady - from reading your posts and learning how you have handled all that you have been through.

In fact everyone here is pretty darned cool. I am grateful.
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