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I hope you get an official diagnosis too.
Its so sad we all are so determined to get a diagnosis but honestly its a relief to hear we do have something and an official name for it. I have known for a long time I had several other named autoimmune issues but I knew sjogrens was a part of it and no doctor since 2009 has wanted to put it on paper for fear they could be wrong......until now.
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Yes, Grammad97, the diagnosis is marvelous.

I felt that same way when the Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder was finally diagnosed. 

It was not only a clear diagnosis, coming so late in my life (at 71) and finally putting in order almost every single other condition that I had experienced over those 71 years!

Conditions that were always idiopathic, unrelated and generally awful.  Only my peripheral neuropathy isn't explained, and I think that's the result of a drug I took for another condition that  I had due to the Immune Deficiency.

The thing is, I had such severe coronary artery blockages, fixed when I was 57, and these other conditions happened AFTER that.  So on the whole I feel that these 14 years, while plagued with every weird thing and never a diagnosis, were just a gift to me.

So the gift had lots of 'conditions' attached to it!??  I am dazed and amazed to be alive, Grammad97, and was willing to continue with no validation of my conditions and a great deal of being treated as a neurotic hypochondriac by my husband.

Now, however, I HAVE a very serious diagnosis, just as you do.  Well you have more than ONE!  But this diagnosis I have will do me just fine, thanks!

Yes, we go through a lot, and most who know us have NO IDEA, not our families, not our doctors, not our friends, what a lonely, scary and painful time it is for us.

But here, the ANGELS KNOW!  My Sjogren's angels are sharing and knowing and supporting.

Hugs,  Elaine
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