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If you are dining out for the upcoming holidays . . . .
« on: October 05, 2013, 06:12:57 PM »
For those of you who have been around the forum for a bit, I have posted about this subject before - but, we can all use a little reminder now and then.   ;)

Here in the U.S., the Thanksgiving holiday will be here in less than eight weeks - IF you plan on dining out at a restaurant, NOW is the time to make your reservations!   

I work in a restaurant/banquet facility and we've taken reservations for Thanksgiving for two weeks now!

When making reservations for a high volume day - such as Thanksgiving or New Years Eve - make the reservation over the phone, talking to a "real" person and don't just leave a message on the answering machine or via the internet - especially, when you have a large group coming.  If you will need special seating due to wheelchairs, walkers, trouble walking, etc., please let them know this when you place your reservation - we will be most happy to seat you closer to the buffet.  We make up seating charts ahead of time and it's very difficult to flip seats when you are standing in front of us with special requests that could have been taken care of with the initial reservation.

When there are reservations made - there is usually a seating chart with sections for the servers.  Please don't switch seats without asking first as this will throw everything out of sinc for reservations after yours.

Also, with Thanksgiving being a special holiday when family and friends get together who may have not seen each other in a while, please keep in mind we are most happy that you chose our establishment to serve your Thanksgiving meal - however . . . please don't eat and then sit there for 1-1/2 hrs. later just visiting.  We have other reservations after yours and we have to keep moving things along.  In this case, time IS money.  We have a schedule to keep.  Perhaps after you get done eating you can all go back to Aunt Betty's house to visit.

Please keep in mind what size/shape table the establishment you are dining at will have.  At ours, we have round tables that seat 8 people.  We can "squeeze" in 9, but not 11.  For 11 guests, we go to two tables.  Don't be upset with us that you all can't squeeze around the same table - it is what it is - tables for 8.

Also, when you make your reservation for 8 people, don't show up with 12 without calling in advance to change your reservation.  Chances are we are booked solid and have no additional room to accommodate your extra people.

For our Thanksgiving meal, it is a buffet.  By all means, enjoy the bounty of our spread, but please only take what you plan to eat.  Don't pile it on your plate only to discover your eyes are bigger than your stomach.  Lots of wasted food in the food industry.  Especially if you have small children, please assist them so there is minimal waste of food.

Most servers in restaurants are only paid minimum wage - please keep this in mind when you tip them - as this tip is part of their earnings.  Even at a buffet (ours is an upscale country club) and you go to get your own food - our servers are bringing you your drinks and clearing your plates.  If for some reason, you are having a problem with your server, let the Hostess know and she will let management know so the problem can be resolved.  If we don't know about it, we can't fix it.

Don't forget - make your reservations NOW!!   ;D

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