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Travel Insurance
« on: September 09, 2013, 03:13:38 AM »
Hi  :)

I posted already I am heading to Missouri for Christmas.

I am now shopping around for travel insurance. I found two companies that will give good rates for me despite various ailments. Hubby is a different story. He was dxd with 'suspected angina' five years ago but tests showed nothing significantly wrong but he was put on statins and beta blockers and aspirin, which he has taken ever since. Last summer he cycled over 500 miles in 7 days with no ill effects but this 'suspected angina' bumps travel insurance up by about £350 for 19 days - or even more depending on company!

Has anyone used a reasonably priced insurance company? Pleas pm me if you have as we obviously can't promote companies on here!

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