Author Topic: Sjogren's & Lungs History, Diagnosis & Issues (Lung, Lungs)  (Read 16765 times)


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Re: Sjogren's & Lungs History, Diagnosis & Issues (Lung, Lungs)
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Age: 53
Lung issues began as a young child
Many tests through the years: Xrays: CT Scans; Bronchoscope
Diagnosis: Bronchiectastis - 2/3 of R. Lung removed at age 14 y/o
Current Issues include: Pleurisy; Rib/Back Pain; Shortness of Breath upon Exertion; Dry Cough; Extreme Fatigue; nodule in right lung
Current Meds include: Steroid Pack; Antibiotics; Inhaler for Dry Cough
Yes, current pulmonary issues are affecting my life in a negative way

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Female 55 y/o; SJS Primary; CVID; Autonomic Neuropathy: Chronic Digestive/G.I. issues; Leukopenia;Tachycardia; Bronchiectasis; High Blood Pres; R.A.;Chronic Pain; Sub~Q IVIG infusions~Hizentra; Plaquenil; Restasis; Gapapentin; Breathing/nebulizer meds; Pain meds;