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...because so very many of us have Rosacea...even progressed into our eyes when adavnced:
Mary Ann in Wisconsin

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Thank you olmphoto2... Riding on your post, since you mention progression into eyes...

I was Dx'd with Ocular Rosacea 2011.
Dermatologist is on my 'to-do' list, if anyone has knowledge of a reputable one in central NJ...please let me know  ;)

"Rosacea affects about 14 million Americans. Approximately one in 20 adults in the United States exhibits dermatologic features of rosacea  Of these individuals, up to 60% experience associated ocular complications."
Ocular Rosacea
Ocular signs and symptoms present before skin manifestations occur in up to 20% of patients who are ultimately diagnosed with rosacea
Ocular Symptoms:
- foreign-body sensation ( gritty), swelling, burning and stinging, dry

Ocular surface inflammatory disease is the principal complication of the ocular rosacea subtype.8 Clinical signs include dry eye, telangiectasia of lid margins, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, recurrent chalazia and hordeola, meibomitis or meibomian gland disease, and keratitis
Conjunctivitis that may occur in ocular rosacea is usually chronic, bilateral and bacterial

Prior to Dx in 2011, aside and before SJS Dx...when my eyes where swollen shut and burning, stinging, feeling link sand and waking with them "glued"... I was told "allergies". Something to be aware of.

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I saw a dermatologist a few weeks ago, more so to rule out Lupus as the redness is that " butterfly " shape. Sne never touched it, she looked and said Roscea. She perscribed 3 different chreams, one for morning, one for evening and then one for the large blemishes I get along the jaw line. Only the antibiotic for blemishes was covered under my insurance, which is a good insurance. Roscea isn't life threatening or altering per my insurance company. I was advised to use a special OTC cleanser, Cera Ve. I can tell you it's made a big difference.. it's costly at $13.00 a bottle at CVS... but it lasts and it works.


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Ah yes, just earlier this week I thought my Rosacea was finally gone. I stopped using my Metro cream and my skin looked beautiful. Then last evening I ate something that gave me a flare  >:(. My suspicion is that that chicken I ate was cooked in canola oil.

I used Sea Breeze for sensitive skin on my face and a gentle moisturizer I got from an esthetician. I also have some products to try that I found on a Rosacea care web site. The nice thing is that you can by sample packets, about $20 and try things before spending more for a large quantity.

Ah the joy of having a wacky immune system.
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My dermatologist had me get the Cera Ve a.m. lotion and the p.m. lotion.  I use them along with my metro gel.  The a.m. has sun screen in it.  They seem to be working, but I haven't been on them long.  I get mine at Walmart.

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