Author Topic: I'm worried about my teeth  (Read 9589 times)


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Re: I'm worried about my teeth
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See if you can get Evoxac. It made a big difference with my dry mouth.

 Also go for cleanings every 4 months if you can afford it. The earlier you catch problems the better the dentist will be able to save your teeth.

  I also use the Biotine products, brush after breakfast, lunch and dinner (it does cut out my snacking because I get bored with having to a happy side effect is Ive lost a few pounds).   I take a small plastic kit to work and visit the ladies room.  People dont pay any mind...I want to keep my teeth for as long as I can as well.   

Also there are little brush like things that can be used to floss and help the gums to tighten up.   They are disposable so I use them only in the night brushing.   Does seem like a lot, but this disease seems to require a lot of maintenance work.
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