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Care, May she rest in peace.
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Care/Billie was the co-founder of Sjogren's World along with myself, Spring. Care passed on to higher places in November. I know I am speaking for the entire staff, when I say, we all miss her terribly. We miss her insight, empathy, humor and humility, and more. We wanted to share with you a poem Care wrote in 1995 as she began her journey with Sjogren's Syndrome.
The Monster Within
The monster within silently
Courses throughout my being
Hoping to destroy an imaginary
Prey. It travels on independently
Trying to control me. I struggle to defeat it.
I continually navigate this
Perpetual circle, a maze of
Uncertainty wondering if I can perhaps
Escape through an unlocked door.
I reach into myself in search
Of the strength that is necessary
To be a little more tolerant of the way I am.
I am encouraged to find an inner place
Filled with music, tranquility and friends.
An endless path is much less
Frightening if traveled with a friend.

January 1995