Author Topic: Gone for a while and back, ashamed  (Read 4743 times)


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Re: Gone for a while and back, ashamed
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We're here when you need us --- and even when you don't!     ;)

Don't ever be ashamed around us.  We're your buds!  We accept you as you are WHEN you are --- and you do the same for us.

Female, 61
Sjogrens, UCTD, and subacute cutaneous lupus. Flu-like symptoms, mouth & nasal ulcers, itchy rash, high cholesterol, headache, earache, tinnitis, dizziness. Hangover-like nausea, especially in the a.m.
Plaquenil, Atabrine, DHEA, Aleve, Evoxac, Allegra/Benedryl, esomeprazole.